Live stream  like a pro

Live streaming is the best way to engage with your audience and gain more followers. The question is how to live stream in a proper way. Here are some tips for you to follow for a successful live streaming.
First of all, all you need is a camera; you can use either your webcam or just your Smartphone. Then decide on which platform you’ll go live. You can live stream to YouTube, Face book, Twitter, Instagram, your own website or Twitch, which is primarily all about live streaming anyway.
Face book is an easy option for you to go live if you’re a beginner, since it has a “Go live” feature when posting a status.
Instagram is a convenient option as well; on Instagram, live streams  are done through the “story” section.
Twitter is a little bit tricky as you have to use the connected app Periscope.
Facebook  and YouTube have the option to schedule your live, denoting the time it will begin, so that you can inform your audience in advance.
It would be wise if you had someone to help you with the process, monitoring the audience and making sure they are on their best behavior.
You may want to record your live stream  and repost the footage later. This is easy done with Facebook and Instagram. On Facebook, you have the option to save and immediately share your live stream once it’s done on your timeline. Then, this video becomes a permanent one.
On Instragram, your video is shared onto your “story” once it ends and then you can save it to your camera roll or save the story with the “story highlights” feature.
On YouTube, you can save your video and share it later, even on other social networking sites.
You can also just use a screen recorder to record your content by yourself.

If you want to gain more followers, make sure you stream about topics that are interesting and relevant to your industry and don’t forget to use the proper hash tags. Another way to attract new viewers is to live stream at big conventions. People always want to be part of big events. Again, don’t forget the hash tags! You can also interview influencers, researchers or experts of a particular field that people want to hear what they have to say. That way, they will follow you as well in order to engage with them.

Let’s now see what you can do to have a successful live stream:

  1. Have a goal

You have to have a specific reason to live stream. Don’t start a live video talking uncontrollably about whatever comes in mind. Instead, have a plan in advance about what the topics you want to talk about are. Be specific about the topic at your headline, so people that jump in the middle of the live, know what this is about.

  1. Don’t overdo it

Even though you have to be prepared and have noted down some key points, don’t just read them like you read a book. Use your key points as a reference and be yourself.

  1. Keep it low

It’s important that the environment you live stream into is controlled so that you produce a clear sound. If that means you should move your live to a studio, do it. You don’t want dogs barking or cats walking around do you?

  1. Don’t be too spontaneous

Schedule your live stream and promote it, so that your audience clear their schedule and watch it.

  1. Save your live stream

After your live ends, save it and share it whenever you want for other viewers to watch or for your followers to rewatch and share.

  1. Be part of the show

If you want your viewers to enjoy the party, you have to enjoy it as well! Relax and have fun! If you are having fun, you will transfer that energy to your audience!