Projection designer

There are various ways to be part of a stage play; one of them is to create the projections. Many successful projection designers think of their jobs as a way to tell stories in a different way. So, if you’re willing to enter the theater world as a projection designer, try to think out of the box, create your world –based on the script, of course- using projections that will complete and enhance the story itself.

First of all, you should attend a school about theater design. During your studies, you will have the opportunity to experiment yourself and to test out new ideas. Don’t be afraid! Take the risk, get your hands dirty; just do it, don’t over think! This is the only way to learn the job and be as good as you can. Someday you will be an expert if you try hard enough. Some ideas may work, while others may not, but that is ok! When you graduate and have a job of your own, most of the storyboards you’ll make won’t fit the main idea eventually and you’ll have to start all over. But that’s how the job is done! That’s the process to perfection. Keep an open mind, don’t be stuck on ideas that don’t work; be creative and put in as much effort as you can!

It’s important that you do a thorough research for each project. If, for example, you have to create a projection for a play that is located in a country you are not familiar with, find out what the peoples’ habits are, without assuming that their behavior and reactions would be the same as yours.

If you’re lucky enough, you’ll get jobs that will be very different one from another. This will keep you alive and make you constantly creating new ideas, without falling into the trap of creating similar projections for each work.