The project

The covid19 pandemic and the increase of the sue of digital tools in theatre has provided an enormous opportunity for theatre organizations, especially in Africa to increase and internationalize their production, fact which would contribute to the local development and increase of employment. However, this needs specific theatre-related skills of theatre professions other than actors and theatre directors (such as light designers, live streaming specialists etc). VET is not able to cover this need because it reacts slowly to emerging needs and requires modernization. The project aims to develop of the theatre-specific skills of specific theatre professions, to modernize the vocational education offer in the field of theatre professionals and to increase the contacts of VET and the labor market in the field of theatre professions. In order to do this, it is going to identify the knowledge, skills, competencies and attitudes of each of these professions in a qualification profile, it is going to develop a curriculum on the basis of these competencies and is going to organize an international online course involving 50 students from all countries in order to develop their skills for these professions