Mashirika Performing Arts and Media Company (RWANDA)

Mashirika Performing Arts and Media Company was established in 1997. Through different modes of performance including dance, movement, music, drama, and spoken word, Mashirika is constantly exploring new ways to develop, learn and create exciting theatre.

We do so by bringing together different passions, moods, moves, sounds, words, rhythms and visuals. We are always ready to add new things to the mix!

Mashirika is also on the forefront in using theatre for development. We have always used forms like interactive theatre, image theatre, and forum theatre. We are really more a community child than a city entertainer, engaging communities throughout Rwanda and the word with our home – grown methodologies.

One of our most consistent and engaging activities for this purpose is the Itetero Radio Drama that has been educating people through entertainment all over Rwanda for years. 

Through the years, we have mainly focused on theatre, radio dramas, short movies and community outreach activities. However, recently we have had the opportunity to spread our wings into the world of beauty pageants for the Miss Rwanda contest, to national events such as the gorilla naming ceremony Kwita Izina, and to our most massive production yet during the 20th Kwibuka commemoration for the Genocide where we choreographed a cast size of one thousand performers.

Mashirika is an exciting company who is paving the way for the arts in Rwanda through consistent commissions and professionalism.


The mission of Mashirika is to show that performing arts if not only for entertainment but also a tool for social transformation and source of employment.