The best software for video mapping

The best software for video mapping In order to find the best software to use for video mapping, you should first set your goals. Define what it is exactly you need to create, spend some time thinking about the final result and then decide which software
program you should need to do so.
Here are some of the options you have:

Isadora: this is the best free projection mapping software. Of course, the paid
version has more functions and options, but the free version is quite good.
Cinema 4D: it is the easiest tool to use, even if you are a beginner. It offers a fast and flexible toolset, making 3D workflows efficient for all types of visualization professionals.
Visution Mapio: it is one of the most popular software for video mapping. It gives you the opportunity to use a standard display plus all kinds of cylindrical shapes. It will adjust to any surface you want to use to project your video.
MadMapper: it is a simple tool and it will give you the highest quality video mapping. It can be used for both architectural projection mapping and hardware has its own pros and cons. That’s why, you should set all your aims clearly. And only after that you can choose software more artistic installations.
Maya: it is good enough for modeling.
Houdini: it is perfect in dynamics
After effects or Nuke: best for motion graphics and compositing.
For sound design or music composition you may use Logic software.

The best media servers

If you are using a PC, the best media server for you is  Screenberry Media Server: it is a powerful, reliable and compact tool, which
has gained fame due to its efficiency.
If you are using a Mac, the best media server for you is ProVideoPlayer (PVP):it is a Mac- based multi-screen media server. PVP
powers multi-screen playback and video effects for live events and fixed installations.