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Performing arts in Serbia

In Serbia (population of 6 000 000) the performing arts scene consists of institutional –state funded theatres and independent theatre groups that operate as NOG s formally.
Just in Belgrade there are 12 institutional theatres while in Serbia there are app. 30 theatres that are state supported. There is a vivid and large independent scene, that is organized around the network- NKSS( Independent Cultural Scene of Serbia) which was founded in 2011 and among several hundred organizations there are about 30 working in the field of performing arts: theatre, dance, circus. 
There are six National theatres ( Belgrade, Novi Sad, Niš, Subotica, Zrenjanin, Kikinda), the rest of institutional theatres are city theatres. 
There is very known and established, old festival that is BITEF –Belgrade International Theatre Festival existing from 1968 and very established BIF (Belgrade Dance Festival) existing for 11 years. In Novi Sad there is also established and old festival that presents original plays from Serbia and region- Sterija Festival.  There are about 20 other theatre, dance festivals, including independent and institutional scene in the country. 
There is the certain number of amateur theatres in the country too.

While institutional theatres are state supported theatre/dance/ circus groups and companies are constantly underfunded, getting funds through constant fundraising activities.

Professional education

Regarding education in the field of Drama Arts there is  the Faculty of Drama Arts at Belgrade University, the oldest and with best reputation educational institution in the country. Beside it there are several private Universities that offer education in the field of performing arts. There is the only one private University that offers education in the field of dance that is Belgrade Dance Institute. 
Stage design and costume design are very developed. There is department for stage and costume design at University of Belgrade, Faculty of Applied Arts. At the Faculty of Drama there is Scenography on second year of the bachelor studies (two semesters). There is a department for sound design is also at the Faculty of Drama Arts, University of Belgrade. At two private art Universities in Belgrade( FEFA and FMK)there is sound design as one of the  subjects. 
Video design and digital arts education could be obtained at two private Universities in Belgrade (Metropolitan and FMK) while for light design and live streaming there is no official education. In these fields there are special courses but basically it is still being very rudimentary speaking about education. People working in these fields are getting their knowledge from practitioners, who come or from abroad or who already have experience in this area since working at theatres (speaking particularly about light design). Live steaming is very new field in Serbia and there is no systematic education about it.

the labor market and theatre professionals 

Generally, economic conditions in Serbia are very challenging, so it is also in this field. Speaking about institutional theatres and Universities since they have limited number of employed experts in these fields that stay there for years, it is hard to get employment there. But there is a growing need at the independent scene, especially in the fields of sound, video and light design as well as live streaming. Many of organizations could not afford to pay full price for these services, but experts in these fields, being freelancers could make their living working for several companies or groups.

The connection between Serbian Theater professionals with other world of performing arts
(Europe, US, latin America, ASia)

It is hard to say generally, it is all depending on individual. We can say that older generations are less open towards the new and international influences, while young generations are very open, especially because of digital technologies, internet, etc. Generally we can say that there is an influence from the rest of the Europe more than from other continents if we speak about stage and costume design, German influence is very present. If we speak about sound, video and digital arts then USA have far bigger influence while other continents are not present as influence in these fields.