The videoclip is “Fragments of RGB-01” from onformative channel

Video art design

One of the first ways of expression since the ancient times is music. Music is present at all aspects of our lives. We tend to listen to music when we are happy, but we do so even if we are grieving. A nice melody can produce numerous feelings. We close our eyes and we travel mentally with music being our guide! But what if we don’t close our eyes? What if we can watch a beautiful video that depicts our thoughts as we listen to music? Then we have video art! Video art is the visualization of our emotions. It is different than theatrical cinema as it does not obey to its rules. A video art may have no actors or not even a plot!

Let’s find out its different types!

Although it is not that easy to categorize video art, there are three types that can define the main differences.
These are: Real video art, virtual video art and machinima video art.

Real video art

In this type of video art, videos contain analogical images of real life. They depict aspects of everyday life in a creative way through performances. They, also, show places, objects and environments in a different view. The artists that produce this kind of videos use existing media creation tools to create them.

Virtual video art

In this type of video art, the artists use 3D images to tell their story. Nowadays, the art of 3D animation is so perfect that sometimes it is really difficult for the eye to distinguish a 3D image from a real one. The only way to tell them apart is to understand if the situations the characters are involved in could be a real-life scenario or not. In virtual video, most of the things that happen could only exist in imagination.

Machinima video art

In this type of video art, the artists use the most recent audiovisual techniques. These videos are mostly used in video games. Each subject in machinima videos occupies a particular place. It is not just a 3D impression, it’s the future of the cinema. However, whatever occurs happens in an unrealistic environment and most of the times, this is a futurist one. The themes of machinima videos are deprived by today’s concerns and interests, using narration in a non-linear way. Machinima has no need to use real actors but it can interact with us in real-time.

Fasten your seat belts, as we are about to travel in the exciting world of video art development! We’ll dive n virtual reality videos, where imagination and reality are one!

The artist΄s whole business is to make something out of nothing.
                               -Paul Valery